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Crockett Shoals Tubing Co. is a creek tubing business owned and operated by a father/daughter duo on Shoal Creek in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. We offer a family-friendly outdoor experience with commercial-quality tube rentals and complimentary shuttle service. Our run is a shallow, leisurely float with only minor rapids, making it appropriate for both children and adults!


Tubing on Shoal Creek requires little to no skill, but push sticks are VERY handy if you choose to bring one. (Please, nothing with sharp or pointy edges.) Paddles are also available for rent.

Expect to see wildlife. Remember, YOU are in THEIR territory, and it is your responsibility to respect them and keep your distance.

We no longer offer cooler floats, and ALL snacks and beverages must be in reusable containers. Absolutely nothing disposable will be permitted. Please join us in our efforts to keep Shoal Creek clean and beautiful.

Flip flops are NOT appropriate footwear for this activity. Shoes without backs will likely be lost or broken.

It is recommended that at least one person in your party brings a cell phone in case of damaged tubes. We will do our best to locate you and replace your tube, but some areas are difficult to reach and it may be necessary for you to walk to a more accessible area.Dry bags are available to purchase in the gift shop.



All drinks and snacks MUST be in reusable containers. Nothing disposable will be permitted.

LITTERING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Please help us keep the creek clean and enjoyable.

Enjoy wildlife from a distance. Attempting to keep, harm, or kill ANY snakes in the state of Tennessee is illegal and punishable. Leave them and other wildlife alone.

NO TRESPASSING. Please respect private property and remain in your tube except for designated public areas.

Absolutely NO fishing while tubing. Hooks and other sharp objects are strictly prohibited.

All children 12 and under are required to wear an approved PFD. Life vests are available at no extra charge, or you may bring your own.

Please adhere to these rules. CSTC is fully committed to keeping our waterways free of those who disrespect our natural treasures.

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